We develop decarbonisation, innovation, technological development and research projects in a wide range of technologies: environmental and energy sustainability, renewable energy, hydrogen, fuel cells, sustainable mobility, etc.

Discover some of the most relevant projects in ARIEMA’s long career: from the most recent projects to the most remote.

Ongoing Projects

Study of innovative technologies for the transition of the metallurgical industry towards a circular economy based on the recovery of by-products of the production process itself and its decarbonization through the use of renewable raw materials.

Innovative hybridization project for solar, wind and hydrogen production facilities on a floating facility

Large-scale low-temperature electrochemical CO2 conversion to sustainable liquid fuels

Inductive charging project for running vehicles using road winding powered by renewable energies and fuel cells.

New materials, technologies and processes for the generation, storage, transport and integration of renewable hydrogen and biomethane from biowaste

Circular economy innovation hub of the Community of Madrid

Integrated solution for sustainable mobility in airports and eco-designed vehicle for emission reduction


Portable Hydrogen Refueling Station for UAVs

Introducing the importance of the next European ‘green’ energy model in school education

Use of residual cold from LNG for the development of a freezing warehouse using fuel cells.

Feasibility study for the commercialization of electrolysis from seawater, combined with renewable energies, for the Chilean industry.

Increase professional profiles in hydrogen for the next European model of ‘green’ energy

Improves qualification and skills in eco-innovation for professionals in Spanish companies

Energy sustainability in the South-West region of Europe through PEMFC technology

Autonomous Mobile Renewable Energy Generation Unit

Unidad Móvil Autónoma de Generación de Energía Renovable

Sustainable mobility for renewable self-production of hydrogen (MOBYPOST) applied to postal delivery in France

Training and advice to the agricultural and aquaculture sector in sustainability, efficiency, and innovation