The project

Title: Feasibility study for the commercialization of seawater electrolysis, combined with renewable energies, for industry in Chile.

Description/Objective: ARICHILE H2 will serve to make a first contact of the hydrogen economy in Chile and to implement a novel electrolysis system, which for the first time can be supplied from seawater. This project has an estimated duration of 6 months and aims not only to carry out a first feasibility study, but also to establish a series of steps to follow in order to promote the partial decarbonization of the Chilean economy during the next decade.

Once the prototype is assembled and a viable commercialization model is established, it is intended to act on different focuses of the Chilean economy, and through hydrogen projects in cooperation with local entities, it is intended to supply green raw materials to hydrogen-dependent industries, establish the principles to decarbonize transportation and establish a secure energy supply.

Project duration: October 2020 – March 2021.

Project amount: 92,375 €.

Awarded to: ARIEMA.

Collaborators: Capricornio SpA and TCI Gecomp.

Funding Agency: Horizon 2020 through the Innowwide call.