ODINN Project

The Project

Title: ODinn “Improvement of qualification and competences in eco-innovation for professionals of Spanish companies”.

Description/Objective: Companies play a fundamental role in the transition towards more sustainable production models. Likewise, it is increasingly evident that, contrary to the traditional view, the social and environmental responsibility of companies are values that allow them to increase their competitiveness, making possible differentiation, cost reduction, proper risk management and increased productivity and satisfaction of employees and customers. Innovation plays a very important role in all this: creating new ideas and solutions, generating changes that later produce positive results, is closely related to the social and environmental responsibility of companies.

The promotion of innovation in companies is in the hands of all employees, since they are the great providers of ideas that could make it grow and position it in an environmentally friendly way. For this reason, the involvement, training and awareness of all workers involved in the value chain in any sector is fundamental. In this context, it is vital to disseminate the tools that science and technology make available to companies and whose proper use can greatly help to achieve eco-efficient production models.

This approach has led ARIEMA to launch ODinn, a training project whose main objective is to train company employees to promote eco-innovative activities through their organizations, especially projects that allow the implementation of new technologies that are more respectful of the environment.

To this end, a training program will be carried out, in face-to-face and online modalities, completely free of charge for the recipients, aimed at workers in companies with potential and range of improvement in the implementation of eco-innovative initiatives.

Project duration: 01/11/2019-01/11/2020.

Budget: 17.703,80 €.

Funding Agency: Empleaverde Program, an initiative launched by the Biodiversity Foundation Biodiversity (Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge) through the European Social Fund under the Operational Program for Employment, Training, and Education during the period 2014-2020.