The Project

Title: Hydrogen and inductive dynamic charging for electric vehicles based on renewable sources.

Description/Objective: The need to increase the autonomy of electric vehicles requires systems that help and complement the energy density and efficiency of their batteries. And one way to recharge them or maintain a level of recharge would be through road sections, especially those with high traffic density, with this technology to maintain the battery so that vehicles can arrive without stops at their destination, making the last kilometers without recharging or recharging at electric stations in the destination areas.

Hydrogen plays a fundamental role in the context of this project as it provides the possibility of partial decarbonization of the system, allowing the coupling of renewable generation with demand, adapting electricity generation at all times to ensure its carbon-free origin. Thus, from renewable sources, it will be possible to supply the electric winding of the road, and a hydrogen back up will be generated to supply the hydrogen generator of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Project duration: September 2020 – December 2023.

Budget: 5,322,105 €.

Partners: The CARDHIN project is an industrial research project led by API MOBILITY (ACS Group) with the participation of SICE (ACS Group), PREMO, ISOTROL, INFORNORTE, ARIEMA and APTICA. The objective of the project is to research and develop a functional prototype in a relevant environment (TRL 5) of an Inductive Dynamic Charging System on the road, which allows the recharging in motion of electric vehicles and particularly of heavy goods vehicles.

Funding Agency: MISSIONS Program of CDTI and FEDER.