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We perform consulting services, offer a course in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells and manage the technical secretariat of numerous Institutions.



We offer electrolyzers with our own technology and other types of Hydrogen solutions and we adapt them to the needs of your project.



We participate in high-value innovation, technological development and research projects that contribute to the development of the Hydrogen market and technologies.

Why hydrogen

Hydrogen is a versatile and non-polluting energy vector, that is, it is a carrier of energy, in such a way that it can be subsequently released in a controlled manner. From it you can get heat and electricity.

Hydrogen plays a key role in the energy transition, since:

  • It allows a greater penetration of renewable energies, acting as energy storage on a large scale and for long periods of time.
  • It allows the decarbonisation of transport, household energy and industry.
  • It serves as a raw material for different fuels.
  • It allows a simple distribution of energy, between sectors and between regions.

¿Por qué Hidrógeno?

El hidrógeno es un vector energético versátil y no contaminante, es decir, es un portador de energía, de tal manera que ésta pueda liberarse posteriormente de forma controlada. A partir de él se puede obtener calor y electricidad.

El hidrógeno tiene un papel clave en la transición energética, ya que:

  • Permite una mayor penetración de las energías renovables, actuando como almacenamiento de energía a gran escala y durante largos periodos de tiempo.
  • Permite la descarbonización del transporte, de la energía de los hogares y de la industria.
  • Sirve como materia prima para diferentes combustibles.
  • Permite una distribución sencilla de la energía, entre sectores y entre regiones.

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Madrid, July 2022.

The summer course "Hydrogen technologies: engine of change in industrial decarbonization" begins

Clean Hydrogen Partnership

Madrid, June 2022.

ARIEMA Energía y Medioambiente, chosen to collaborate in the second European program "Project Development Assistance"


Madrid, May 2022.

ARIEMA launches a new website as part of its 20th anniversary

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