Title: Employment and Women of the XXI century: from domestic Economy to PYMES Economy.

Description/Goal: The MUPYME project brings together organizations from Italy, Portugal, Germany, Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus and Spain in order to promote the incorporation of housewives into the world of the PYME economy enhancing the skills and abilities generated at home.

The objective pursued by MUPYME is that the informal process of household management becomes a formal process of PYMEs management, incorporating technical skills complementary to those acquired at home.

  1. Facilitate that housewives can go from being managers of homes to be managers or promoters of pymes or micropymes. How? Building a professional qualification for this group focused on reflection and knowledge of their own skills, enhanced and reinforced with a business approach.
  2. Increase the qualification of instructors of the organizations responsible for training adults. How? Generating a formative program tailored to the target group that has a higher impact on the possibilities of labour incorporation and that goes into personal motivation and empowerment.

Project duration:  2015-2017

Budget: 242,275 €

Associates: Ariema, Association Alliance for Development of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning in R. Macedonia (ADAE),  Dafni Kentro Epaggelmatikis Katartisis (Dafni Vocational Training Center – DAFNI), DVV International, Federación Española de Universidades Populares (FEUP), Kerigma, Syndesmos Ekpedefsis Enilikon Kyprou (Cyprus Adult Education Association – CAEA), Università Popolare de Firenze (UPF)

Financing Body: Erasmus +. European Commission.