Investing in R&D and innovation is considered one of the principal motors of a working economy in any country. It is also a key tool for both large and small companies to be competitive in the market.

Nowadays, companies focus their resources on more productive activities, and for that reason, investing on R&D and innovation has to have a clear short-medium term return. There are different support tools to finance R&D and innovation at a national and international level and they are continuously being updated. Therefore, it is essential to know these processes thoroughly in order to implement innovative and competitive products and processes in a company.

What is the aid that best fits your project?
Do you need partners that complement your technological capabilities?
Do you know how to present a successful proposal?

¿En qué podemos ayudarte?

  • Definición de la estrategia tecnológica.
  • Asistencia en la búsqueda de socios.
  • Elaboración de diagnósticos tecnológicos para evaluar el potencial innovador de la empresa.
  • Búsqueda de financiación para la realización de proyectos o actuaciones de investigación y desarrollo tecnológico.
  • Apoyo en gestión y seguimiento del proyecto.
  • Diseño y elaboración integral (administrativa, técnica, legal y financiera) de propuestas.
  • Asesoramiento en la protección de los resultados de investigación de la empresa, propiedad industrial e intelectual.
  • Búsqueda de ayudas para la incorporación de personal investigador a la empresa.
  • Colaboración en la gestión de convenioscontratos de investigación y acuerdos de confidencialidad.
  • Estrategia para explotación de resultados y plan de diseminación de I+D.
  • Servicios de vigilancia tecnológica y de prospectiva tecnológica.
  • Servicio de transferencia de tecnología.
  • Asesoramiento para la creación de Empresas de Base Tecnológica.

How can we help you?

  • Technological strategy definition.
  • Partners search assistance
  • Technological diagnostics elaboration to evaluate the companies´s innovative potential.
  • Finance search to elaborate projects and research actions and technological development.
  • Project tracing and management support
  • Design and comprehensive preparation (administrative, technical, legal and financial) of proposals.
  • Advice on the protection of the investigation results of the company, industrial and intellectual property.
  • Support for help search to add research staff to the company.
  • Collaboration on the management of agreements, research contracts and confidential agreements.
  • Strategy for the results exploitation and the dissemination plan of R&D and innovation.
  • Technological surveillance and technological foresight services.
  • Technology transfer service
  • Advice for the creation of Technology-Based Companies.

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Thanks to our 25 years of experience in innovation, we can help you implement R&D and innovation management processes, to facilitate improvement in the innovative and competitive capacity of your company

We accompany you throughout the entire application and management process of your projects.

Business Partners

ARIEMA collaborates with sectoral associations and technological platforms to develop initiatives and implement projects that promote R&D and innovation projects in our country in different areas.

Recently, ARIEMA has signed an agreement with the Foundation Vet+i, which is a multidisciplinary forum that integrates agents related to animal health care in Spain, becoming the first business partner of this entity, to establish mutual cooperation within the frame of R&D and innovation in the animal health care sector.

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ARIEMA’s collaboration with Aliot Innovación is established to help our customers take advantage of all the benefits offered by investing in R&D and innovation. Aliot Innovación specialises in tax deductions for R&D or Technological Innovation, both nationally and in the different regional regimes, as well as in bonuses for research personnel, an incentive that allows a 40% reduction in the Base of Common Contingencies that the company contributes to the Social Security.

Aliot Innovación is a technical consultancy firm with more than 7 years of experience in public financing of R&D and innovation projects in Spain. At Aliot Innovación they work to improve their clients’ competitiveness with a comprehensive, tailor-made management, identifying the different possibilities for the past, present and future.

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