R&D Consulting

ARIEMA truly believes in innovation as a business growth driver. Since it was launched, ARIEMA’s executive management has been promoting innovation as a regular topic in management meetings. Also innovation topics have been promoted, both, in project management and in new product ideas. As result of this, ARIEMA has been participating in over 30 R&D&I projects at national and international level focused on efficient energy and environmentally friendly solutions.

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If you don't have experience in H2020 application, ARIEMA, throught European Projects Office (OPE), could help you. 

Our R&D policy is directed to improve our management processes and develop new products and systems related to all these following fields:

  • Energy, hydrogen and fuel cell sector
  • First production sector (agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and fishing)
  • Environmental sector
  • Training sectorPYME Innovadora

For that reason, ARIEMA allocates 10% of the total annual financial resources to professionals keeping in focus on innovation. Express our sincere appreciation to the public policy to encourage innovative initiatives:activities. ARIEMA’s innovation management goes further than creating new products or services. Moreover, the firm is committed to training our employers in innovative technologies and monitoring of the status of each one of these markets. Regarding to the relationship with our client organizations, we considered suggestions to improve our products and services.

In addition, ARIEMA was honored as an “Innovative SME” by Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO).

Some development activates executed by ARIEMA count on public funding that promotes innovation. Therefore, ARIEMA would like to express thanks to the Spanish and European Administrations for the effort supporting initiatives as key drivers for business and competiveness growth.

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