European Projects Office (OPE)

What is the function of the OPE?

Support service and assessment for the scientific community to encourage participation in research activities funded by the European Union (EU), particularly in matters relating to Horizon H2020 Programme (2014-2020). Horizon 2020 aims to help to achieve the objectives established in the European Strategy 2020 and the creation of a European Research Area. The European states and regions embrace these objectives.

ARIEMA, throught European Projects Office (OPE), aims to promote efficiently and effectively the participation of the national bussiness community (1)  in international R&D&i activities.

This iniciative was promoted by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)  in the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2014-2020). This estructure contributes to improving economic returns from Europe.


How the OPE can help you?

  1. End-to-end support and assessment in in proposal development: partnership, budget, proposals drafting, management, impact of proposals.
  2. Detection of open call for proposals in a European level from an idea to a project.

  3. Complementary information, analysis and recommendations.

  4. Help in partnership building: search of partners

  5. Project request management

  6. Contract and NDAs negotiation

How to participate in H2020 Programma?


Eligible proposals: Collaborative project within the framework of the Social Challenge and Leading Industries pillars, as well as project leader in SME Instrument (phase 2). (2)

Areas of expertise



(1) Empresas con domicilio social en España, CIF. No participante en VII PM ni en H2020 en los últimos cuatro años, o participante en VII PM o en H2020 en los últimos cuatro años, pero que mejora su participación: de socio a líder.

(2) No hay limitación en la tipología de proyectos (no CSAs). No hay porcentaje ni cuantía de participación mínimos