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Innovation management

ARIEMA's staff have longer than 20 years' experience in project management and financial support instruments for R&D and innovation.

    - Technical documentation

    - Search and apply for funding 

    - Grants justification

What offers ARIEMA?

The main objective of the service is reaching maximum optimization of these instruments (grants, favorable loans and fiscal incentives), in order to promote R&D activities efficiently and useful results.

From its beginning in 2002 ARIEMA has developed “day-to-day” activities in these fields:

  • Work closely with our clients to define their R&D strategies; define technical concepts and agenda of potential R&D projects; financial evaluation of a project is also analyzed.
  • Assistance in the search of business partners by Research Centers contacts in order to cooperate with them.
  • Seek for funding for research projects or R&D activities. This search is performed by the analysis of funding landscape and in-depth elaborated project reports and deliverables. These allow for requesting financial programs (interest-free loans and grants) at the regional, national and European Public Administrations.
  • Elaborated technological diagnostics with the main purpose of evaluating innovation business power though use of analysis methods.
  • Consulting on IP management and result protection. Collaboration in NDA contracts, research contracts and agreements. Grant search for research assistantships and human resource contracts.
  • Technological surveillance and prospective technological studies’ services. Startup technological based companies’ consulting.

ARIEMA, throught European Project Office (OPE),aims to promote efficiently and effectively the participation of the national bussiness community in international R&D&i activities.

If you don't have experience in H2020 application, ARIEMA, throught European Project Office (OPE), could help you.


ARIEMA work in partnership with the following entities:

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What makes ARIEMA different?

  • Extensive experience improving performance and driving positive outcomes in the R&D functions of life sciences companies.
  • Broad expertise in processing successfully projects from Horizonte H2020 Programme, LIFE, PROFIT, PSE, CENIT, and national call for proposal funding by CDTI and MINECO.
  • Work in partnership with European partners, Entities and Technological Centers.
  • ARIEMA has participated in numerous national and international projects, carrying out duties of advice and assistance in the preparation of proposals (analysis of the call which present the proposal, preparation and presentation of proposals for financing of R&D&I projects, drafting of the technical report, search of partners, etc.) as well as participating as a partner or supplier company depending on the subject matterscope and structure of the project.


favicon 32x32  Financial Solvency

External financing and investment independence are highlights factors to provide the freedom to follow invest in the continuous improvement of the entity. So are healthy accounts. That allows us to be the reference partner, ensuring quality customer services.