Hydrogen generators

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ARIEMA works at a national and international level manufacturer supplying High Pressure Alkaline and polymeric (PEM) electrolyzers in Spain and Spanish speaking countries.

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Fuel Cell Technologies

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 We trade and install fuel cells from power supply less than 1kW up to hundred kW, often in the range of 5-50 kW.

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High purity compressors

compresores01 smallSince 2005, ARIEMA works together with PDC Machines, American manufacturer of diaphragm compressors, global leader in design & manufacturing of high pressure diaphragm compressors. 

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Hydrogen storage

hidruros04 smallARIEMA collaborates with metal hydrides producers offering tailored solutions to our customers.  

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Tailored Products

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For some time now, ARIEMA also offers engineering solutions and tailored process to our customers.

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Educational kits

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ARIEMA commercializes educational kits aimed at educational practice in Education Centers and other high professionals equipment aimed at Laboratories and Universities.

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