Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


To better understand ARIEMA, our company is a "Spin-Off technology" company created from the National Institute for Aerospace Technology (INTA) which was born in 2002 back from a large experience. Throughout the years, we have established an solid expert team in R&D, energy (especially hydrogen), water, fishing and aquaculture and R&D management.

ARIEMA will continue to pursue research and development opportunities in the renewable energy sector, extending the reach of renewables into every facet of modern life.

“Research and development (R&D) drives innovation and propels civilization forward”



  • To promote Research and Development (R&D) initiatives by improving R&D project management and coordinating efforts through Technology Platforms.
  • To promote clean and renewable energy technologies such as hydrogen and fuel cells.
  • To participate in the technical develpment and training in key technologies focused on energy efficient (especially hydrogen) as well as more environmentally friendly.


Background Information

Against swings in public opinion concerning “What does the future of energy hold?”, no single energy technology can accomplish all of this. Energy needs are significant, varied and conditioned by the time and space factors. The effective way to supply these needs is complicated, required use several primary energy sources (increasing renewable energy), different “secondary energies” or “energy vectors” (such as hydrogen and electricity) and efficient equipment (such as fuel cells). Hydrogen and fuel cells have technological advantages in improving efficient and environmental aspects.

Hydrogen and fuel cells technologies have two key advantage. Hydrogen (H2) is the unique fuel source that only generate water vapor during its combustion (H2 + ½ O2 = H2O). Furthermore, fuel cell is a device with electrical efficiency higher than conventional engines, generally 60% against 40% for diesel motor.

Ultimately, "What we are taking about?" .Therefore, in addition to environmentally benefits, we are talking about business opportunities and employment creation.