Who we are

Who we are

Innovations is one of our worries

ARIEMA is a strong, flexible and innovative company which is promoted by scientists and researchers with twenty five years of experience on issues of energy and hydrogen fuel cells. The experience of its professionals has allowed ARIEMA to be consolidated as an independent leading company in Spain in hydrogen and fuel cells. ARIEMA has its expertise in developing innovative energy solutions which have many applications in large number of sectors (food and agriculture, fishing, telecom, military, among others).

International Leadership and Experience

Result of our commitment to sustainability, ARIEMA supports business economic growth helping our customers realize their technical and innovative potential from their own experience. ARIEMA is knowledgeable about different sources of funds in R&D (Horizon 2020, MINECO, CDTI, etc.) with extensive technical skills in areas such as energy and environment. ARIEMA offers consulting services and launches R&D projects with high success rates.

Sustainability: economic growth, ecological balance and social progress

On the other hand, ARIEMA behaves as a technical office coordinator for organism and associations with the purpose of encouraging R&D&I initiatives, such as the Spanish Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technological Platform (PTE HPC), Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) and the Spanish Water Technological Platform (PTEA), among others.

Highly committed professionals

With the support of Torres Quevedo Program by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), ARIEMA counted on expert professionals in hydrogen-based technologies that have many applications in large number of sectors. Nowadays, ARIEMA counts on proactive and highly professional human resources, with a wealth of experience in R&D management and clean technologies, allowing for maximum exploitation of our customer’s resources.