Spanish technology for electrolysis equipment

ARIEMA provides hydrogen technology solutions for specific projects and well-defined needs. We provide solutions for the production of hydrogen through electrolysis based on technology both of our own development and of third parties with which it maintains consolidated commercial relationships.

ARIEMA can also integrate, together with hydrogen production, other technologies (storage, compression, dispensing and fuel cell) in the context of specific projects.

Our Equipment


Electrolysis is a process by which hydrogen and oxygen are generated from water. The dissociation of the water molecule (H2O) into its two elemental components (hydrogen and oxygen) is carried out by applying an electrical current that triggers the corresponding electrochemical reaction.

At ARIEMA we analyze the needs of our clients to offer the best possible alternative both economically and technically, whether it is an alkaline technology electrolyzer or a PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) technology.

We offer different variants depending on the real needs of our clients: from large industrial electrolysis plants to medium or small equipment adapted to the needs of each case.


Other equipment and H2 systems

Fuel cells

A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that directly transforms the chemical energy of a fuel into electricity efficiently and silently, without generating polluting emissions; just water. It also produces heat and water.

At Ariema we supply and install fuel cells of a wide range of powers, always taking into account the needs of the project in question.

H2 compressors

To carry out the compression of hydrogen, it is necessary to use a machine capable of increasing the pressure and displacing certain types of fluids called compressibles, such as gases and vapors. Typically, in hydrogen compression systems the focus is on mechanical compressors.

From Ariema, we carry out the supply of compressors for a wide range of end uses and pressures, from 350 bar for loading heavy vehicles, up to 700 bar for loading light vehicles.

Hydrogen storage

At ARIEMA we work with pressure storage systems; We develop and supply storage systems of various pressures and capacities.

Educational equipment and accessories

We commercialize and develop didactic equipment aimed at teaching centers (Schools, Institutes, etc.), as well as other equipment aimed at laboratories, research centers or university centers.

Since the beginning of our business activity we have collaborated with laboratories, Technology Centers, Universities, Institutes and Professional Training Centers, to offer different didactic solutions depending on the type of public.

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