A fuel cell is an electrochemical device that transforms directly , chemical energy from a fuel to electricity, in an efficient and silent way, without generating pollutant emissions; just water. It also produces heat and water.

In Ariema we commercialize and install fuel cells from powers less than kW to hundreds of kW, focusing on the potential range of 5-50 kW.

We help you find the most favorable situation that fits better your necessities, analyzing between a wide range of international manufactures of fuel cells. We can be your point of contact and advisor. In this way, you can enjoy maintenance, technical service and formation from anywhere.

Fuel cells evolve rapidly and are ideal for generating electricity (free of pollutants and acoustic emissions) in applications like:

  • Back up systems
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Management of isolated renewable energies
  • Extended autonomy electric mobility (forklifts, bicycles, drones, etc.)

Message us and tell us your particular case, we will search for what fits you best!