Electrolysis is a process were hydrogen and oxygen are generated from water. The dissociation of the water molecule (H2O) in its two elementary components (hydrogen and oxygen), its done by applying an electric current that triggers the corresponding electrochemical reaction.

In ARIEMA we analyze our clients necessities in order to offer them the best alternative both economically and technically, whether it is an alkaline technology electrolyser or a PEM technology (Proton Exchange Membrane).

We offer different variants depending on the real necessities of our clients: from big industrial plants of electrolysis to medium or smalls equipments adapted to the neccessities of each case.

We work with national and international manufactures to supply alkaline electrolysers or PEM electrolysers (from 2kW to 10MW).

Recently, ARIEMA and Hydrogen Pro (Norwegian company that manufactures alkaline electrolysers at big scale) have signed a collaboration agreement to implement production plants of hydrogen in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Latin America.

Take advantage of our experience; we will analyze your situation and search for the electrolyser you need. Message us!