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Hydrogen will play a very important role in the energetic transition towards a sustainable model, contributing to the decarbonisation of big economic sectors, and allowing a bigger penetration of renewable energies in the electric mix, thanks to its capacity to store big quantities of energy for long periods of time and in a seasonal way.

Our course is specialized in hydrogen and fuel cells (COURSE H2). More than 17 presential editions have been made and more online editions.

We also offer personalized formation and/or “in company”. In Ariema, we adapt to our clients necessities and interests. We put at your disposal formative programs that can be developed in our own facilities, or our clients facilities.

We work in order to give an integrated service to the client: from the diagnosis and the elaboration of formative programs, the design, the training formation program,to the quality level guarantee through evaluations.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells course

The H2 course covers everything to introduce or enlarge knowledge from the hydrogen and fuell cells sector. It counts with the collaboration of the Spanish Hydrogen Association.

The course lessons include general aspects of the sector (companies, associations, national and international situation, finance in R&D,etc.), and technical aspects (hydrogen production, storage, hydrogen exploitation through fuel cells of different types and stationary applications, and transport)

We have a specialized team which is in permanent upgrade. Their wide professional experience translates into formative programs of excellence adapted to every level.

Our formation is flexible, adaptable to every level, specialized, creative, in permanent innovation, participatory, polyvalent, and of course, effective.

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