Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. However, on Earth you find it combined with other elements, not in its free form. Some of these combinations are oxygen resulting on water (H2O), carbon forming hydrocarbons, or with other elements forming an infinity of different compounds.

Hydrogen is a versatile energy vector that does not pollute because it carries energy that can be liberated in a controlled way. In addition, with hydrogen, you can obtain heat and electricity.

Hydrogen will be a key role for the energetic transition due to:

It allows a higher penetration of renewable energies within the electric mix, acting like an energy storage in great scale and during long periods of time.

It allows decarbonization of transport, domestic and industry energy use.

It can be used as raw material for the production of different fuels.

It allows an easier way of energy distribution within sectors and regions.

According to The Spanish Association of Hydrogen (AeH2), implementing this kind of technologies in Spain, would avoid the emission of 15,12 million tons of C02 per year looking to 2030. In addition, it would help generate 227 000 jobs creating a national market of 1300 million euros annually.

There are multiple oportunitites that hydrogen offers and its associated benefits. The main markets of hydrogen are:

Industry: hydrogen used as raw materials in refineries, ammonia production, etc. By replacing hydrogen produced from fossil fuels with green hydrogen (via electrolysis) there will be an enormous reduction of CO2 emissions.

Mobility: using hydrogen as an alternative fuel to support sustainable mobility.

Energy storage: hydrogen allows to store energy in a great scale, supporting the management of renewable energies that are intermittent and seasonal.

In conclusion, hydrogen supports the security of supply and it allows us to be energy independent from the exterior, reducing the imports of fossil fuels. Also, it increases the flexibility of the electric system and facilitates a better integration of renewable energies within the energetic system.

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