Title: Eco-efficient technologies development for the environmental improvement of aquaculture – AQUASEF.

Description/Goal: Integrated Innovation project through which the production, use and storage of hydrogen energy have been tested for the first time in the Spanish aquaculture sector. ARIEMA designed and installed a 5kW alkaline electrolysis prototype, specifically designed to use both gases: hydrogen for heat, electricity or movement and oxygen to oxygenate the culture tanks. In addition, an emergency backup system based on hydrogen powered by fuel cells was established as an uninterruptible power supply for the critical energy consumption in aquaculture facilities.

Project duration:  02/06/2014-30/06/2017 

Budget: 1,899,318 € Budget received: 49.97%.

Associates: Ariema (coordinator), Aquaculture Technology Centre– CTAQUA, Drops & Bubles, Esteros de Canela S.L., Inoma Renovables S.L., Heliotronic systems.

Financing Body: LIFE+ Program. European Commission.